Welcome to our New Gaming Engine

We here at dublinbet towers are very excited about the new gaming engine and the great new features which will enhance the users’experience. Over  a series of the next 3 blog posts we’ll take you through some of our favourite new features.

For a start the first thing you will notice is it looks a whole lot better than it did, the perspective of the tables is intended to make it feel more like you’re actually sitting at the tables, with a slick looking colour scheme we feel it’s one of the best looking out there (we would say that I hear you say).

Our Lobby has been revamped with many new functions amongst which:

  • Modern layout         
  • Easy on the eye top menu on your left hand side. Clicking on each item opens up a list in the center where you see more details on the game: which casino it’s broadcasting from (when in live casino games section) and the limits of each table.
  • When a game is selected from the middle list you can see further details on the left hand side of your lobby: an image of the game as you will see it when you log in, the hours the game is live and the dealer’s name (again if live), the limits of the table and a new feature called ‘Favourite’. If you click on the star in this area then you’re marking this game as one of your favourites and you’ll be able to access it with one click from the main menu (Favourites appears as the top item in your list on the left). How’s that for customising your lobby to your own preferences?
  • Window resizing is something else we thought would make gaming easier for you, so you can now resize the game window to any size you desire (Double clicking the title bar returns the window to its default size). This feature is especially handy if you’re planning on playing more than one game at a time and you’re keeping each game open in a different window
  • Which brings us to one of my favourite features, the tabbed games feature, giving you the chance to have multiple games loaded in separate tabs in the one window or in separate windows. Opening each game you wish to play, places it in a new tab in your games’window, but if you wish you can drag the game out of the window and it will display on its own in a separate window allowing you to simultaneously view and bet on more than one table, yeah!

Now click here to read about our new and improved Control Bar.