New Gaming Engine: Live Roulette

This post is the third of three, introducing you to the new features available in our new gaming engine. To read the introduction click here.

As you know we broadcast Roulette games from two casinos: the Palace in the Isle of Man and our steady success the Fitzwilliam Casino in Dublin.

There are three levels of play available: the micro-bets table introduced only a few months ago with a minimum bet of €0.10 and max of €1.00 for those of you that want to give roulette a try and feel the thrill of real money play without the risk accompanying high bets. The other two tiers remain the same as they were before i.e. €1/€10 and €5/€25. And of course there are two tables in the Fitzwilliam and two in the Palace to choose from.

But what’s new in our Roulette game?
new roulette layout
With Roulette being the most popular game at dublinbet, this is the game we spent the most time and effort on, giving you:

  • More standard bet types (Final bets, snake and split bets)
  • standard bets
  • A coverage indicator showing how much of the table has been covered and
  • Favourite bets function, you can save your favourite bets so they can be placed again with a single click of the button.
  • More settings for the Auto-play function, you can automatically repeat a bet for a number of games or until specific criteria have been reached such as a particular amount being won.
  • Auto- Play
  • We have not finished with you yet though, you wanted a stats feature so we have added it! As well as the last ten results there is now a stats wheel that shows the relative heat of each number in the last 150 results. Clicking a number on the stats wheel places a bet on that number and the centre of the stats wheel shows the frequency of red, black and zero.
  • Stats
  • Also re-bet the same bet from a previous result by clicking on a result in the ‘last ten results’ panel. Your old bet from that round will be placed on the table. Cool hey?

Don’t forget to have a look at the roulette game guide for all details and explanations on all the old and new features that will allow you to profit even more from your time with us.

Try out dublinbet’s live roulette with our free 30 minute demo that gives you 500 fun tokens to play with! Go to and Play Now!

Please let us know what you think of our new gaming engine, we value your opinion and we are confident you will enjoy playing at dublinbet even more than you did before, but we always welcome any kind of feedback! 😉