New Gaming Engine: Improved Control Bar

This post is the second in a series of three introducing you to new features in the new version of our gaming platform. To read the introduction click here.

The bar at the bottom of your games window contains some very useful features available with one click:

control panel

Firstly and most importantly, your BALANCE is displayed here at all times.

The CASHIER button – as well as the MY ACCOUNT button- will take you straight to your account’s page when you are logged into your financial account or into the fun tokens top up page if you are logged into your non financial account, further reducing any delays in topping up while you’re playing in the games.

The HELP button takes you into our all new game guides. Note that this help page opens within your game interface and does not take you back to the website. You’ll also find a ‘Help & Game Guide’ button within each game you’re playing for immediate consultation while you play, convenience again my friends!

The TIME DISPLAY panel, as always, shows you the local time in your area and the timer counts the time spent in the gaming interface since you logged in (if you’re in the demo version you will be logged out after 30mins and in every other occasion you will be prompted to continue playing or exit, when you reach the session limits you set for your account).

Finally the MENU button offers some new exciting features we think you’ll like:

  • You can change the language you view the games in. Up to now this was not possible from inside the games, if you viewed the site in German you could only get the German version of the games, from now on though you can choose your preferred language with minimum hassle while in the games
  • By clicking Options you can adjust the settings in the games you play, like animations, balloons, live feed, audio etc. This one isn’t very exciting though cause it was there before too 😉
  • A small but we think cool touch is being able to choose the colour of the felt  you prefer on the table you play on! When you‘re in the game you wish to play, an extra tab appears in the Options menu called ‘Felt Colour’. This allows you to really customize your play. And of course any changes you make here will be maintained for future visits.

Screen Shot 2013-06-26 at 10.18.45

Inside the actual games you’ll notice a far more modern design, much more informative layouts, flexible capabilities and a bigger range of bets allowed than ever before.

Click here to find out how we’ve improved our most popular game, live roulette.