play live on all devices

Dublinbet games go mobile!

PSSST! Did you hear? 

You can now play our real live games anywhere you are…or rather… anywhere you are with an internet connection! 😉

We quietly released our games in an HTML version using HTML5 and some very clever programming from our very clever technical team. And all this – in plain English – means you can now play LIVE Roulette and LIVE Baccarat straight from real casinos, live feed and all, while you are on the go. Our games now run nearly everywhere!

This new version has been named the LITE version due to having some reduced features vs what our standard JAVA version offers – but the differences are very small and will mostly go unnoticeable-.

So have a go when you get a chance, this version will play in any modern browser without the need for JAVA™ or Flash™. From your mobile device, simply visit our site and the PLAY NOW button will take you straight to the games lobby in the HTML5 version, no faffing around. From a desktop computer you can choose which of the 2 versions you wish to play on.

You can play Dublinbet LITE games on your mobile computer, tablet or smart-phone & even some new smartTVs!

Dublinbet is everywhere you are – LIVE!

Play for real or play for fun with our new software.

What remains the same with is playing live from real casinos, as we continue our broadcasts from the Fitzwilliam Casino & Card Club in Dublin, Ireland and the Palace Casino on the Isle of Man, UK.